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The Nail Blog

I’m not really sure what to say this is..but it came from my mind…

Colors: Mandy (Julep), Glenn (Julep), Carrie (Julep), Blake (Julep), Brigitte (Julep)
Check out my Valentine’s Day mani! I love the combined effect of these colors on my nails. Looks like candy! Unfortunately, I was stuck in classes all day (seriously, my last class ended at 9:00PM!), so I didn’t really get to flaunt them anywhere. That’s okay, though; I felt fabulous, regardless!
Anyway, I’d like to wish all my followers (even those of you who follow me via Twitter and/or Facebook!) a very Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you for your constant support and enthusiasm for everything I do here. All of you are my sweethearts! ♥

Nyan Cat-ified my nails!! 

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